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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 Places You Can Take a Shallow Draft Boat You Can’t Take a Motor Boat

Popular motorized fishing boats like a center-console or sport fishing boat can get you a lot of places quickly, especially if you’re going offshore.

On the flip side of this coin though, there are many out of the way places that you can’t even take the smallest jon boat. A motorized flats boat may not have that much “draft” itself, but an outboard motor adds at least a foot or two to how much water you need to safely navigate.

Simply defined, the draft of a boat is “…the depth that the hull protrudes into the water.”

Monday, February 15, 2016

Commonly Used Live Baits for Halibut Fishing in Ketchikan and Throughout Alaska

Image courtesy of Andrea Pokrzywinski @

When thinking about fishing around Ketchikan, the Pacific halibut is just as significant as the salmon in terms of its food value and importance to native Alaskans. This flat fish actually swims sideways on the bottom of the sea floor and is certainly much larger than most salmons. Many visitors to Alaska actually prefer coming during peak Halibut season (early summer).

Whether it’s a native Alaskan village, a fishing guide in Ketchikan, or a general recreational angler, most agree that live baits are the best option for attracting and catching healthy-sized Halibut.

Friday, February 12, 2016

What Makes High-End Fishing Coolers So Much Better than Regular Coolers

Over the years, the fishing coolers for sale on the market have become more durable and provide superb insulation. Today, it’s possible to buy a fishing cooler that will keep your food and drinks cold for several days.

While these coolers are a bit more expensive than your standard $20 Coleman ice chest from Walmart or another big-box retailer, many report only using a fraction of the amount of ice a standard budget cooler uses.

When you’re out on an open fishing vessel in the sun all day, you don’t want your ice to melt in 6 or 8 hours.  If you’re having a good day and need to preserve fish, it’s best they stay on ice the entire way back.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Record Catches for 10 Common Inshore Species Found in Florida

Light Tackle Adventures fishing charters explore state and worldwide records for a variety of species that call Tampa Bay home  

Snagging a fish out on Tampa Bay that gives you a vigorous fight is an experience unlike any other. 

Most fish caught by anglers are generally pretty average in size depending on the species. If they’re small, it’s highly recommended or even mandatory that you throw them back so they can grow and breed.

Sometimes though, there are fish that live for quite a long time without being caught by a fisherman or eaten by a predator. They are either allowed to fully grow or some genetic or environmental anomaly makes them bigger than the average fish.