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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Artificial Reefs and Sunken Vessels Offer Prime Fishing Opportunities off Cape Canaveral

The waters off Cape Canaveral along Florida’s east-central coast contain a plethora of opportunities for bottom fishing. The Gulf Stream, which is a current of warm water, parallels the coast from south Florida before turning slightly to the northeast near the Space Coast region. This change creates calmer currents that contain 3 large ridges paralleling the coast.

Besides these ridges where species like grouper and kingfish like to hang out, the Oculina Bank is a natural reef system boasting an abundant amount of fish, coral and other marine life.

However, these natural ridges and reefs are not the only places anglers can find king fish, tuna, grouper, snapper and other species that prefer the deep waters of the open ocean.

Literally thousands of artificial reefs and sunken vessels lie off the coast of Florida and provide habitat to deep sea fish and other marine life. Since the majority of waters off Florida have a sandy bottom, artificial reefs and shipwrecks are an integral part of maintaining a healthy fish population for commercial and recreational anglers.

We invite you to continue reading for a brief rundown of artificial reefs and shipwrecks that provide prime fishing spots off Cape Canaveral

7 Tips for Having an Amazing Fly Fishing Trip in Bradenton

You may be thinking that fly fishing is only for mountain streams and not the sunny waters around Bradenton, Terra Ceia Bay and Tampa Bay. Fly fishing though is an increasingly popular way to get close to saltwater trout, redfish and other species found in the flats.

In one way, fly fishing isn’t much different than traditional spinning reels – it’s just another way to get your bait to the fish. However, fly fishing gets you closer to the fish feeding along mangroves and grassy flats. While you can cast a spinner reel much farther, fly fishing allows you to spot fish beforehand rather than randomly casting your bait.

Fly fishing though can be quite technical, and not every angler is successful. The best fly fishermen always prepare.

Continue reading for 7 tips on how to make a fly fishing trip in Bradenton and Anna Maria Island a success.

Friday, November 13, 2015

8 Species you’re NOT Allowed to Keep on a Port Canaveral Fishing Charter

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) establishes and enforces size and catch limits for a variety of fish species inhabiting the waters off Port Canaveral and within the Indian River Lagoon ecosystem. Some species have strict bag limits and can only be legally caught during certain times of the year.