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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Proven Techniques for Powering your Standup Paddleboard Rental

Standup paddleboards are fast becoming the go-to method for reaching out of way spots throughout the Indian River Lagoon ecosystem and other wild places. While motorized boats will get you between point A and point B much faster, their noise and speed makes it virtually impossible to fully experience the area’s natural wonders.

Before paddleboards came onto the scene, kayaks were the preferred non-motorized way to reach those out of the way places.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

How Florida’s 10,000 Islands Provide a Unique Fishing Experience

Just by itself, the Ten Thousand Islands on the southern tip of Florida is one-of-a-kind place. Despite the fact that Florida has literally thousands of miles of coastline, the Ten Thousand Islands provide a unique blend of both fresh- and saltwater. It consists of a chain of islands and mangrove mini-islands or “keys” located along Florida’s southwest coast between the towns of Goodland and Chokoloskee.

Image courtesy of University of South Florida

Although limited access to this area makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a wilderness, the 10,000 Islands chain is only about a 40 minute drive from Naples and 90 minutes from the metro-Miami area.

The actual number of “islands” in this region of the western Everglades is much less than 10,000 to be sure, but there are enough that you will lose count before too long.

Continue reading to learn more about this area rich in marine life, history and opportunities for snagging a nice tarpon, snook, redfish, or even a bass.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

5 No Risk Things You Can Do to Help Ensure a Bright Future for Fishing

Charters around Homosassa and Crystal River want anglers to understand how to enjoy the majestic Nature Coast responsibly

When you first visit Florida’s Nature Coast region around Homosassa, you may be thinking how it’s such an unspoiled and seemingly endless wilderness of fish, turtles, birds, seagrass and coastal wetlands. It’s easy to forget how this area and other places along the Gulf coast are still vulnerable to a variety of risks.

If you’re fishing for redfish, snook, tarpon, snapper or a variety of other fish species that live in these waters, you have an additional responsibility to ensuring the resource is available for future visitors, and generations, to enjoy.

fishing for redfish, snook, tarpon, snapper

Fortunately, this responsibility is easy and doesn’t require a big commitment or much extra effort on your part. It mainly requires you to be respectful of the place you’re visiting and fishing and mindful of your actions.

Below are a few items fishing charters, local residents and fellow anglers want visitors to keep in mind when fishing the inshore areas around Homosassa.

Redfish in Louisiana – An Overview

Learn more about one of the most popular sportfish for anglers and fishing charters in south Louisiana

Officially known as the Red Drum, or Sciaenops ocellatus, the redfish goes by several other names, including channel bass, spottail, red bass, or simply “reds.” They are one of the most widespread inshore and nearshore species living in Louisiana’s coastal waters and along the Gulf of Mexico coast.

This common species is called a red “drum” because of a drumming sound they make during their spawning season or when they’re taken out of the water. The sound is caused by muscles rubbing against an inflated air bladder.

Redfish are also one of the most popular fish for anglers and fishing charters across coastal Louisiana. Besides their exhilarating fight and impressive strength, the redfish also makes for a great meal at the end of a long day of fishing.

If you’re interested in seeing and catching a few real redfish in south Louisiana, there are many fishing charters across the region who can guide you to the right place and coach you on the right bait and tactics for landing one of these exciting fish.